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IT Professional Services

Taking you to the next IT healthcare level

Healthcare technology, strategic planning, account management, and negotiations, developing and engaging customer’s recruitment strategies, building infrastructure and recruiting development, support and integration. Medilis IT professional service is targeted to the Information technologies healthcare domain, our team knowledge and experience can lead you company to the cutting edge systems and technology the healthcare digital age can offer.


24/7 IT Call Center Support

Supporting your healthcare IT systems

Our call center in open to serve your hospitals, Clinics, Software companies and imaging centers. Our Call Center team is working around the clock to give our customers the confidence that your end users are being served quick with professional care. we can be the link between customers IT departments, systems administrators and software suppliers.
Our call center representatives are trained and backuped with our professional services team.

Startup Development Team

Applications Specialist's

Running your project efficiently with our application specialists

Every project implementation stage needs the support of application specialist in order to go live as much smoothly as possible. Medilis team accumulated knowledge of IT healthcare systems, can provide our customers the most efficient way implementing your project and training your IT team and end users. we can provide you short time or long time support with application specialist team.

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Applications development

Medical applications develompment

Our development team extends its expertise to the realm of artificial intelligence, incorporating AI capabilities into our healthcare solutions. This integration enhances our ability to offer predictive analytics, personalized medicine, and automated patient management systems. By combining AI with our custom application development and interface design, we are setting new standards in healthcare technology, offering solutions that are not only innovative but also intuitive, ensuring they meet the specific needs of the healthcare domain with precision and efficiency.

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Integration services

Interfaces development

Our integration services development team specializes in the seamless connectivity of healthcare systems, focusing on the development of sophisticated interfaces and the implementation of medical systems APIs, including SOAP, REST, FHIR, DICOM and HL7, among others. This expertise allows for robust data exchange and interoperability between diverse healthcare applications, ensuring that information flows securely and efficiently across platforms. By harnessing these technologies, we enable healthcare providers to access, share, and manage patient information more effectively, thereby improving care coordination and patient outcomes.

Computer Programmers

Implementers training program

Get your best out of your implementers team

Going live with your system is the most critical stage in your project for success. we are here to help you train your implementers team with our methodology training program, so you can go live having your best implementers supporting your end users.

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