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"Medilis LTD. is at the forefront of international solution provision, specializing in digital enablement services enhanced by AI technology. Our aim is to assist customers in harnessing the full potential of digital innovation and AI-driven strategies for impactful business results. We are dedicated to integrating advanced AI insights and methodologies, ensuring our clients not only adapt to the digital era but lead with transformative business solutions."

Medilis: Pioneering AI-Infused Healthcare IT Solutions

At Medilis, we are dedicated to delivering bespoke, innovative IT solutions, intricately designed for the healthcare industry. Our approach is built on fostering long-term partnerships, meticulously tailoring our services to align with the distinct needs of each client. Our team, driven by a relentless commitment to excellence, ensures that our clients can depend on us for their IT needs, confident in the professional management of their systems.

Our proficiency in Customer Relationship Systems is evident in our diverse offerings – from IT systems for Call Centers and CRM to SharePoint enterprise portals. We specialize in Knowledge Management, Patient portals, Referring physician portals, Document Portals, and Queue Management, integrating these with cutting-edge AI technologies for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

With a wealth of experience in managing IT systems across various departments, including imaging, IT Integration, and Patient Relationships, our strategy is grounded in thorough design, planning, project management, and implementation. Our significant role in the Assuta Medical Centers – the largest private hospital network in the region, encompassing eight hospitals and a newly inaugurated public hospital – stands testament to our capabilities and impact.

Our esteemed clientele, including Assuta Medical Centers, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Centerity, Nevo Robotics, Nevo Medical, HMC, and Bnei-Zion Medical Center, reflects our expansive and influential presence in the healthcare IT sector, underscored by our pioneering integration of AI and pharmacy information systems.

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Jacky Dahan


Our CEO and Founder, Jackie Dahan, brings over three decades of in-depth experience in Healthcare IT enterprise systems. His expertise extends across a wide spectrum of solutions, particularly in areas such as pharmacy information systems, AI integration, and sophisticated integration engines. His proficiency includes not only traditional systems like Enterprise Service Bus and advanced billing and ATD systems but also extends to the cutting edge of technology with AI-enhanced imaging and comprehensive information systems in healthcare. His leadership and knowledge have been pivotal in integrating AI technologies seamlessly into healthcare IT, revolutionizing how data and services are managed and delivered.

Snir Erlich


Heading our technology initiatives is Snir Erlich, our esteemed Chief Information Officer (CIO), who brings over a decade of experience in designing, implementing, and managing various HIS (Hospital Information Systems) projects. Snir's expertise extends beyond, to developing integrations between various healthcare systems such as RIS, PACS, EMRs, Portals and more. Holding a B.Sc. diploma in industrial engineering with a specialization in healthcare workflow, Snir's leadership is pivotal in driving our commitment to innovation and efficiency in healthcare technology.


Gera Bider

Software development Team leader

Since joining Medilis Systems LTD as Software development Team leader, Gera Bider has played a crucial role in the continued success of the company. Their excellent communication skills and constant drive for improvement has inspired growth company-wide.

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